Internship Program

Emily C. – Internship Summary for Spring 2016

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“For my final semester of college I interned at Florida Sports & Spinal Rehab. During my few months spent at the practice I shadowed the office manager and the front desk administrators. I learned the proper way to sign in patients, take copayments, use of scheduling systems, patient paperwork, and file prepping. I was able to see and be part of first hand relations between patients in a medical setting with the health care providers and learn of the business side of running and working in a health care practice. Everyone in the office was excellent to work around & extremely helpful during my learning experience. I will surely take everything I learned with me as I begin my career.” – Emily

Paula C. – Internship Summary for Spring 2016





“My internship with Florida Sports and Spinal Rehab, Nicole Yoder and her staff, was a very enlightening learning experience as to how medical offices are run and all the work that she puts into it.  I thoroughly enjoyed my internship working with Nicole and her staff.” – Paula





Dr. Molly Bogdan, PT, DPT



“I first volunteered at Florida Sports & Spinal Rehab while I was in undergrad at UCF knowing it was a very unique interdisciplinary clinic. I luckily had the opportunity to come back for my final clinical rotation while in my doctor of physical therapy program. FSSR gave me the opportunity to be hands on with the patients and the freedom to practice skilled therapy. The staff was really wonderful and treated me like family. The physical therapist, Dr. Fowler and the PTA, Megan gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to truly excel in my final clinical and feel ready to practice on my own. Clinical rotations play a huge role in your education, I strongly encourage other students to look to FSSR as a clinic to learn and grow at!”